Report on Faculty Education Session

Faculty Education Session was conducted Ms. Anila Allana on Friday June 18, 2021. The purpose of this session was to conduct professional development of faculty members of ZUFONAM to help faculty for improving their teaching strategies according to their desired objectives.

The session was started by a game ‘passing the parcel’, picking up a chit and then completes the sentence mention in that one.

The following questions were taken under consideration and the faculty gave their perspectives.

  1. What I want to improve as a Nurse Educator?
  2. What are my current practices?
  3. What action I want to take? Which will lead to improvement?

Report on Clinical Preceptors Certificate Distribution

With the increased complexity of healthcare environments, it is imperative that preceptors are capable of assisting new nurses to make the transition to the work setting with more realistic expectations and maximal preparation.

Therefore, a Preceptor ship workshop was conducted and those preceptors were appreciated in Certification distribution ceremony held in ZUFEST on June 24, 2021 attended by many of the faculty members of


The certificates were distributed by

Dr. Pamela Marshall, Dean ZUFONAM and

Ms. Afshan Nazli, Director MSN Program.

Report on Clinical Preceptor ship Workshop

The purpose of this workshop was to prepare preceptors at the hospital settings in all campuses to help faculty for evaluation and continue learning of students according to the desired objectives. Team was prepared from Faculty of Nursing and midwifery consisting of 3 members i.e. Dr. Yasmeen Amarsi, Ms. Komal Mumtaz Ali, Mr. Abdul Rehman. They were the key facilitators for the session.

3 sessions were conducted on following dates:

North Campus: 22 January 2021

Clifton Campus: 11 February 2021

Kemari Campus: 18th February 2021

Report on International Nurses Day 2021

International Nurses Day is celebrated around the world every May 12, the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth. On this day the hard work and contributions of nurses is celebrated.

To celebrate International Nurses Day and to appreciate the role of nursing in health profession Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery arrange an online program on 22nd may 2021 at 9:30AM to 11:30AM

The program started at 9:30 am with the Name of Almighty Allah, the Qirat was done by Hafiz M. Fayyaz followed by National anthem and Ziauddin          anthem.
This day is to thank all nurses, their dedication, and work, especially during the on-going coronavirus pandemic. The opening remarks was given by Dean Dr. Pamala Marshal

After that a theme video was played which was made by Student council of ZUFONAM
followed by the theme talk was by Dr. Rozina Karmiliani. She said we all need to celebrate what nurses have done during Covid19 and pandemic situation with double efforts and enthusiasm and now it’s time to recognize yourself as an essential part of healthcare.

Ms. Afshan Nazly, President of Pakistan nursing council also share her thoughts. She emphasised that nurses are always there to serve their country in every situation. This pandemic situation enlightened the role of nurses. It’s now time to address our demand, to invest in government forces, to provide education, jobs, leadership and government acknowledgement to the nursing community.

After that the program proceeded towards the presentations made by ZUFONAM faculty  members that included Mr. Jonathan Johnson, Mr.Santosh Kumar and Mr. Sineer Mica, in where they presented their research regarding the impact of nursing practice.

The last session was panel discussion which was moderated by Dr Yasmin Amarsi with the four PhD prepared nurses of the country
1. Dr Jacqueline Dias (Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Nursing, University of Sharjah) talked about the role of higher education in nursing profession during Covid-19 time and prepared competent nurses to respond to the demands to the need of nursing workforce for the healthcare system.
2. Dr Tazeen Saeed ali (Professor and Assistant Dean of Research and Graduate studies at Aga Khan University School of Nursing & Midwifery) talk about research in nursing professionthat nurses can make a great difference to outcome of healthcare by conduct meaningful and relevant research, they can improve morbidity and mortality

  1. Dr Raisa Gul (Dean of Shifa International College Of Nursing. Member of Prime Minister Task Force. Pride of Performance August 2020 given by the president of Pakistan. Member of the Academic Committee in PNC) Her topic was about the policies about nursing profession and how nurses contribute in policy making. She said we have chance for nurses to contribute in policies in institutional level to province level as DG health nursing leading forward to federal level as advisor so the role of nurses extend to national level but unfortunately this point is lack in our country.
  2. Dr Dildar Muhammad (Assistant Professor and Program Lead for PhD Nursing at Khyber Medical University) , he shared his thoughts about the clinical practitioner nurses and the impact of Covid-19 on the personal life of nurses. He said currently in Pakistan there is shortage of nurses according to population. Covid-19 also affect the mental health of nurses The Covid-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of the vital role nurses play. Without nurses and other health workers, we will not win the battle against out-breaks. The healthcare system need to move from illness to wellness model and place nurses at primary health care level to sustainable Development Goals and universal health coverage

In the end of program the vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Roma Joseph.


From left to right: Ms. Iqra Qureshi, Ms. Abeer Sajid, Ms. Aiman Siddiqui, Dr. Yasmin Amarsi, Ms. Nadia Ali, Ms. Roma Joseph, Mr. Muhammad Ubaid Siddiqui

Sindh Nursing Education Board (SNEB)

College of Nursing, Ziauddin University proudly catered to Sindh Nurses Examination Board (SNEB) examination RN III final Exams as the center for examination. Examinations were conducted SoP’s of Covid-19 precautionary measures. Candidates were reminded to follow them during the examination period.

The Principal Farhana Tabassum was the center supervisor with two deputies (Ms. Bella-Examination & Ms. Ambreen-QEC). The invigilation for 112 students of RN III & Four Post Basic specialization was done by the ZUCoN faculty members. The transparency was maintained and the examination activities were successfully carried out successfully from 19th July 30, 2020, till 26thth July 30, 2020 with appreciation from SNEB Controller & Deputy Director Nursing Sindh.

Nurses’ role in the management of Coronavirus outbreak

Farhana Tabassum

Principal, Ziauddin University College of Nursing

Globally, nationally and regionally nurses and student nurses are playing a vital role in managing the coronavirus outbreak. If nurses and students are not safe then it means the community is not safe. But the shortage of health care providers and limited resources did not discouraged nurses and nursing students to back off from the frontline. The most important factor is keep own self safe while caring for a patient with life threatening illness. From a simple health teaching of hand washing to respiratory etiquettes to advanced skills of barrier nursing care nurses are breaking the chain of infection. Our number one priority even being concerned for ourselves is to keep the patients and community safe while preventing the virus from spreading. From first point of contact to the health education of the family it is ensured that hand hygiene practice is more promoted and actually implemented. The water intake to keep the throat wet with healthy diet to boost the energy and immunity as a safeguard is the bottom line of care by nursing force. The students made the posters; infection control nurses went to each hospital unit to conduct the one-to-one training of nursing staff and students. Prevention is better than the cure is actually practiced and witnessed during this fearful time. It is amazing to notice that limited resources and shortage of staff did not stop them to be proactive to prevent the spread. They proved that “If nurses aren’t safe, then really our community isn’t safe,”. Salute nurses and students to contain the virus where the oath of ethics makes them brave to combat the virus at every level.

Reproductive E-Book

Reproductive and Sexual Health is a topic often left undiscussed in many communities. Ziauddin College of Nursing initiated a Reproductive Health E-Book and held a session on it by Dr. Raffat Jan. The session focused on preventing reproductive diseases, boosting economic gains and achieving Millennium Development Goals. The session took place on 25th of November and was attended by faculty members of ZCON and staff nurses working at Obstetric and Gynaecology ward at Dr. Ziauddin Hospital. Dr. Aijaz Fatima – a founding member of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital – also graced the event with her presence as chief guest.

Childrens Day

In spirit of World Children’s Day, Ziauddin College of Nursing wanted to appreciate and celebrate the world’s future. Students of BSN Year III, under the guidance of Ms Daizi Jafer,  Ms Dilshad and Miss Alia Nasir, organized a small and special celebration including games, skits and snacks to symbolize the importance of children and how vital it is to protect our future which is in the hands of these young minds. This event was held on the 20th of November and was enjoyed by everyone involved.

Report on Annual Scientific Symposium

For representing Ziauddin University College of Nursing (ZCON), Miss Alia Nasir, Principle ZCON was invited as a key note speaker for the 18th Shaukat Khanum Cancer Symposium (SKCS) that was held on November 1-3, 2019 in Lahore which was the Annual Scientific Symposium.

Stating briefly about the event, SKMCH & RC hold this educational activity on an annual basis. The event was multidisciplinary in nature and national and, international experts from all the disciplines of health care attended in a huge number. Nursing Division of SKMCH&RC conducted two sessions in the event.

The attendees had a pleasant and learned experience form the activity. Mam Alia Nasir, with her extraordinary credentials proved to be a very good speaker adding to the knowledge of nurses working in cancer care and in general nursing setting in Pakistan. This year the sessions were evolved around “Cancer Care Integration” focusing the following themes:

  • Clos care gaps in vulnerable patient’s population (peads, adults etc.)
  • Mental Health in Oncology Nursing
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