There was a project on children’s education on the subject of Tropical and Communicable Diseases. In which they went to different hospitals and teach the people about ten common diseases which can be very leading and dangerous for them. They made all the arrangements for the community and made beautiful and useful teaching aids and models for their education that could guide them in their learning process. The children have been visiting Ziauddin Hospital in Clifton and Kemari. In which the managers Komal Sohani and Sheryl Mona warmly welcomed them and provided table chairs and staff for their guidance so that they can teach and learn well. To guide them, Mr. Jonathan was with them every day, telling them what to do and how to teach them what was best for them. Like a good instructor, he would accompany them every time, and wherever they encountered difficulties he helped Them. Hospital area in-charges and managers used to come to see all these teaching people who were very appreciative of the ability of these children. The medical superintendent of the hospital and the rest of the managers came and these students presented their teaching to them and those are coming to Clifton and Kemari. Mangers and In-charges were amazed and happy because these students are coming from the north campus so far to serve the people. They were happy that the Dean of the Faculty of nursing and midwifery (ZUFONAM) college was helping them to prove that they will become good nurses. The response from the children was so good that QEC decided to publish the report further. The very pictorial highlights you see in this report are proof that these children are really doing well in the learning process.


Students of BSN-III, Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery participated in the Medical camp at Long Khoso Village, Hyderabad on March 13th, 2021 organized by the KONPAL organization.

Where students were assigned to different tasks such as assessing the vital signs, taking the history from different age groups,  how to assess patients, and to learned how to work with doctors outside the hospitals, some of the female students were assigned to go with female doctors to examine females at home and worked there. Also, provide some medicines to those who need them and learn how to educate a layman and deal with people having different age groups. While assessing patients it is found that most of the patients were malnourished, had kidney stones, and were suffering from jaundice, hepatitis C and AIDs.

In the nutshell, we can upgrade their status and decreases the morbidity rate by providing pure water, one small education institution from where children and adult can get a basic education.

Such camping activities should be planned more frequently, as the students learned a lot of things like teamwork, management skills, counseling, and dealing with patients.


ZUFONAM Football team participated in the “HEC Intervarsity Zone-G Football Championship 2021-22” and competed with IoBM football team in the finals to become the Runner-up on March 11, 2022. The tournament was organized by Iqra University and the final was played at the Aga Khan Gymkhana Football Ground.

ZUFONAM Football Team was also qualified for the Final Round of the HEC All Pakistan Intervarsity Football Championship 2021-22 being organized by Khawja Farid University of Engineering Information Technology, Rahim Yar Khan from March 15 to 18, 2022.

The Ziauddin University is proud of their students and appreciates the hard work and dedication of the students towards sports and physical fitness.


A Student-Led Seminar upon blended learning was conducted at Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (ZUFONAM) on Thursday, 17th March 2022, by the student of MSN-II Hina Murad under supervision of Mr. Jonathan Johnson (Senior Nursing Lecturer), Ms. Anila Allana (Assistant Professor) and Ms. Tania Shaikh (Senior Nursing Lecturer. In the seminar, MSN-I students and faculty members of ZUFONAM participated. An online application Ahaslides used to keep the students engaged during the session. The purpose of this seminar is to give awareness regarding Blended learning. Blended learning is the combination of online learning with face-to-face learning. It has been used widely since the outbreak of COVID-19. In the seminar, various models of Blended Learning were explained which include the face-to-face driver model, enriched virtual model, rotation models, flex model, flipped model, project-based learning, and gamification. Participants actively participated in the seminar and shared their thoughts about the advantages and challenges of Blended Learning. They are multiple benefits of Blended Learning; some of them are time-effective cost-saving, and engagement. They said that the challenges associated with Blended Learning are; access to the internet, lack of resources, and electricity access. The participants and faculty members shared their views after the seminar and appreciated the efforts. They said that it was a very knowledgeable and interactive session in which they have learned a lot and will incorporate the Blended Learning Models in their teaching and learning.


The academic leadership and management of Ziauddin Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (ZUFONAM) takes keen interest in their faculty members’ professional development, and regularly plans seminars and sessions relevant to improve faculty members teaching learning and assessment knowledge and skills.

In this relation a session on constructing One Best MCQ was conducted by Ziauddin University DED Department faculty member Dr. Maneeza Kishwar on Friday 25, March 2022 at ZUFONAM from 9:15 am to 1:15pm, total of 14 faculty members attended this session.

The session was focused, and added further knowledge on how to develop the One Best MCQ.  It gave ample contextual examples from the various samples of MCQs which the speaker shared in her presentation.  Throughout the session faculty members were engaged to critically think and shared experiences from their practice. In addition the end of session group activity and its presentation gave the opportunity to create one best MCQ based on the components and principles learnt in the session. To all three group presentations, Dr. Maneeza gave detail critical feedback and involved the faculty members in analyzing their piece of work.

Finally the faculty members sincerely appreciated the session and requested the speaker to come over for more such follow up sessions in near future.


“Commencement is one of the most important touchstones of the academic career — it commemorates a significant achievement and marks the beginning of the next chapter in a graduate’s life”

Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery successfully registered its thirteenth Batch of Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN), Post RN, and tenth Batch of Masters of Science in Nursing (MSN) for the year 2022.

The commencement day for the new inductees was held on 20th December 2021 at the Abul Hassan Jaffery Auditorium Ziauddin University Clifton campus. The ceremony was grace the presence of the Pro-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Registrar, and other dignitaries of Ziauddin University along with Dean, Directors, and Advisor to Chancellor of ZUFONAM.

The commencement day started with the recitation of the Holy Quran, and the audience rose in respect for both the national and Ziauddin University’s anthem.

Dr. Pamella Marshall, Dean at ZUFONAM welcomed the new inductees and briefed the audience regarding the esteemed background of ZUFONAM that would help the students to commence their academic journey.

On this special occasion, the Pro-Chancellor Dr. Nida Hussain also addressed the audience and assured the students regarding the extended support of the university to help them succeed in their fields.

The Vice-Chancellor Dr. Irfan Haider also dignified the event with his presence and acknowledged the students and gave students some exceptional pieces of advice to benefit them excel their university life and professional life ahead.

The Registrar also talked to the students and assured his facilitation and support throughout the program.

Moreover, Dr. Sumaira K. Punjwani, Director Undergraduate Program congratulates the students and addresses them with the introduction to the faculty members of the MSN and BSN Program.

Ms. Innara and Ms. Aiman, Students of BSN III Year briefed the audience with their academic journey and experiences at ZUFONAM.

To conclude the ceremony Dr. Yasmeen Amarsi, Advisor to Chancellor gave students some insightful talk and shared her nursing journey with them.  She also encouraged the students to be serious and do not forget to find ways that contribute to the progress of your society.

To make the newly admitted students’ day even more memorable, special giveaways and refreshments were distributed.


The 16th Karachi International Book Fair (KIBF), with approximately 330 stalls, begins on December 30, 2021 (Thursday) till January 03, 2022 (Monday) at the Karachi Expo Centre. The KIBF featured 136 top Pakistani publishers and bookstores, as well as 40 exhibitors from 17 countries.

Some Faculty members of Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery (ZUFONAM) visited KIBF on December 31st, 2021 and search out many stalls like Paramount, Oxford, GABA and asked about some latest edition of nursing, science as well as literature books for ZUFONAM library.


The Government of Sindh, in collaboration with World Health Organization Pakistan and Indus Hospital & Health Network, organized the “1st National Patient Safety Conference – Patient-Centered Care” on December 2, 2021.

Dr. Sumaira Khowaja-Punjwani, Associate Professor of ZUFONAM was also invited to give a talk on “Respect for Patient Values, Preferences and Expressed Needs”.

The event attracted over 100 representatives from various public and private healthcare organisations. The participants discussed the challenges of disease burden and health equity in the healthcare system of Pakistan and the role of regulatory authorities in patient-centered care.

The conference provide an opportunity to promote a culture of safety among healthcare providers as well as address patient safety challenges faced by public and private hospitals and the role of policymakers in combating those challenges.

Dr. Sumaira Khowaja-Punjwani, Associate Professor receiving speaker souvenir from Dr. Abdul Bari, CEO IHHN accompanied by Dr. Lubna, Head Quality IHHN at 1st National Patient Safety Conference – Patient-Centered Care.

Report on Faculty Education Session

Faculty Education Session was conducted Ms. Anila Allana on Friday June 18, 2021. The purpose of this session was to conduct professional development of faculty members of ZUFONAM to help faculty for improving their teaching strategies according to their desired objectives.

The session was started by a game ‘passing the parcel’, picking up a chit and then completes the sentence mention in that one.

The following questions were taken under consideration and the faculty gave their perspectives.

  1. What I want to improve as a Nurse Educator?
  2. What are my current practices?
  3. What action I want to take? Which will lead to improvement?

Report on Clinical Preceptors Certificate Distribution

With the increased complexity of healthcare environments, it is imperative that preceptors are capable of assisting new nurses to make the transition to the work setting with more realistic expectations and maximal preparation.

Therefore, a Preceptor ship workshop was conducted and those preceptors were appreciated in Certification distribution ceremony held in ZUFEST on June 24, 2021 attended by many of the faculty members of


The certificates were distributed by

Dr. Pamela Marshall, Dean ZUFONAM and

Ms. Afshan Nazli, Director MSN Program.

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