To foster a collegiate environment with multidisciplinary interactions among the faculty members at North Nazimabad and Link Road, a workshop was organized entitled “CHALLENGES OF TEACHING GEN-Z STUDENTS: MULTIDISCIPLINARY PERSPECTIVE” facilitated by Dr. Sumaira K. Punjwani, Associate Professor at Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery on Saturday, November 19, 2022, at 11:30 am.

This workshop is designed for university faculty members to be better able to equip them with the knowledge and practical strategies to teach Gen-Z students. In this workshop, the participants will identify the challenges that are encountered during teaching Gen-Z students and will focus on providing solutions.

This session allowed all varied generations of Faculty members sitting in the workshop serving Ziauddin University to rethink their teaching and learning practices. It was a significant addition and eye-opening to all the Faculty members to consider how to make engaging teaching and learning classrooms for students. The crux of the session was to understand the learner “Gen-Z,” who is a digital native and self-directed. These learners are quick to explore and use technology efficiently and promptly, so the strong message from the Vice Chancellor was to maximize the use of learning technologies in planning the lessons. Moreover, give challenges and embeds creative questions in the lessons for the learners and makes them critical thinkers and confident decision-makers. Utilize interesting, fun, and engaging teaching-learning strategies that would expose them to problem-solving skills, research, exploring, and connecting with peers and communities at large. It was worth attending the workshop and giving all the Faculty members a way forward to take teaching business seriously in higher education.