On July 14, 2022, Thursday, the ZUFONAM Student council decided to dress up. Indeed, the students dressed in their favorite personas. We witnessed a range of topics, including culture, horror, the historic age, superheroes, and some villains since they chose the themes for their characters.

This simple combination of the multiverse not only delighted the students—who were already content since they had been given some time off from their studies—but also the Dean and Faculty, who took pleasure and valued the student’s efforts.

The purpose to organize this day was to give students ownership of a day and celebrate it on their own. Soon we saw students engaged in taking pictures and making videos of the plays that portrayed their characters. They were joined by the teachers who were actively taking part in videography. The day passed in a light mood with lots of positive vibes as it seemed that we were having a fair or festival with lots of cackles and laughter.