ZUFONAM in collaboration with KONPAL organization arrange a visit to the Hyderabad district at Long Khosso goth on December 10th, 2022, where the doctors were also part of the community visit team.BSN students get the benefit to learn new things, promoting preventive measures, raising community awareness, and providing encouragement to inspire others toward a better life.Many of the residents of Long khosoo village are uneducated and lack sufficient self-awareness. The students set up all of their charts and posters before beginning their presentation to raise awareness of issues including early marriages, drug addiction, hypertension, and women’s and children’s care. To
thoroughly communicate messages to the public, students were divided into small groups. As students interacted with them, they also provided positive, even outstanding feedback to us and pledged to keep the preventive measures they had given us in mind.
More of these educational sessions that also improve the lives of our cherished surrenders should be organized to benefit students’ learning. .