Communities are struggling with a large number of people across the lifespan, who receive minimal or no health care because they cannot afford or access services. Moreover, public concerns regarding quality, cost, access, and fragmentation of health care have contributed to a shift in care from the more traditional acute care settings to the community. This has led to changes in nursing practice.

Nurses have always cared for individuals, families, and communities in their practice. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of nurses working outside the hospital, primarily in community-based settings that focus on individuals and families. There is also increasing emphasis on community-focused nursing care with the community as the client.

Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery plays a remarkable performance while visiting different communities and creating awareness among them. Community Health Nursing (CHN), being a part of the nursing curriculum focuses and motivates the students to take part in it. As a ritual, this year too BSN students visited various communities mainly Dar-ul-Sukun, Ibtida, Aga Khan Health Service Pakistan (AKHSP), Public Health School ( PHS), Lady Dufferin Hospital, Rahnuma Family Planning Association of Pakistan (R-FPAP), and Community Water Filter Plant in Karachi to recognize the needs of the community.

For BSN I and III student’s respective teams leads different sessions on vaccinations, water filtration, drug abuse, special child, family planning.

The purpose of community visits is not only to create awareness and identify the needs of the people who are unaware of it but also to allow students to deal with real health problems in natural settings that result in the enhancement of professional skills, communication skills, self-confidence, knowledge and awareness, and critical thinking skills and teamwork skills in undergraduate nursing students.