The academic leadership and management of Ziauddin Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (ZUFONAM) takes keen interest in their faculty members’ professional development, and regularly plans seminars and sessions relevant to improve faculty members teaching learning and assessment knowledge and skills.

In this relation a session on constructing One Best MCQ was conducted by Ziauddin University DED Department faculty member Dr. Maneeza Kishwar on Friday 25, March 2022 at ZUFONAM from 9:15 am to 1:15pm, total of 14 faculty members attended this session.

The session was focused, and added further knowledge on how to develop the One Best MCQ.  It gave ample contextual examples from the various samples of MCQs which the speaker shared in her presentation.  Throughout the session faculty members were engaged to critically think and shared experiences from their practice. In addition the end of session group activity and its presentation gave the opportunity to create one best MCQ based on the components and principles learnt in the session. To all three group presentations, Dr. Maneeza gave detail critical feedback and involved the faculty members in analyzing their piece of work.

Finally the faculty members sincerely appreciated the session and requested the speaker to come over for more such follow up sessions in near future.