I’m pleased to share, on behalf of the organizing committee, that Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (ZUFONAM) is organizing its First International Nursing Research Conference (INRC) on Friday 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October 2023. The aim is to bring together varied expertise and perspectives from a range of nursing disciplines at one platform to disseminate knowledge from researchers amalgamating technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and electronic medical records that are particularly relevant in the wake of challenges of 21st century healthcare.

The Call for Papers is now OPEN for the conference. The last date for submission of abstracts is: July


We hope to publish selected conference papers in a book on the conference theme.

Looking forward to welcoming you all to the ZUFONAM INRC conference in October 2023.

Dr. Pamela
Dean, Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery
Conference Chair

The conference is an innovative initiative at ZUFONAM designed to highlight nursing researchers and their work that can serve as an alternative strategy for standard medical treatment as well as on the work on modern technology for enhancing efficiency in the nursing profession. The conference is intended to promote dissemination of research findings, learning, discussions, and feedback and to enhance the ability of imparting and sharing knowledge. The objective of the conference is to bridge the gap in current academic and scientific fields.

Conference Theme is Reshaping the Nursing Profession through Research and Innovation, sub-themed around,

Nursing Services: Restructuring nursing care to improve patient care outcomes

Nursing Education: Revamping nursing education through innovative learning technologies

Nursing Research: Redesigning nursing research to facilitate Evidence-Based Practices

Nursing Profession: Reshaping nursing profession through SDGs and innovative strategies

The papers within each theme will address the field of research dealing with practical solutions to healthcare in 21st century.

Conference Organizing Committee

Dr. Yasmin Amarsi , General Chair

Dr. Pamela Marshall , Publication/ Content Chair Ms. Afshan Nazly , Finance Chair

Dr. Sumaira Punjwani, Program Chair Ms. Shamam Khan, Marketing Chair Mr. Wasay Hasan, Local Chair


Sub-Committees of the Conference

Registration Committee: ( Chair Local) Rizwan Baig

Minhaj Ali Komal Ali Aiman Siddiqui

Local/Administration Committee: (Chair Local) Narjis Shahid

Ellen Iqbal Rachel Fernandez Bilal

Kinza Akram

Digital/Marketing/Media Committee: (Chair Marketing) Rahimullah Yousufzai

Saimson Arif Abeer Sajid Ubaid Siddiqui

Reception/Stage/ Exhibits Management Committee: (Chair Finance) Sara Sohail

Navroz Iftikhar

Treasurer/ Finance/Stall Management Committee: (Chair Finance) Amir Shahzad, Shireen Arif

Scientific/ Technical Committee: (Chair Program) Anisa

Raja, Badil, Santosh Kumar Mehtab

PhD Students: Shakir, Shahzad, Amjad, Shahid, Rozina

Recreation/ Cultural Committee: (Chair Publication/ Content) Social & Recreational Committee Members

Floor Management Committee: MScN students (Chair Program)



  1. Abstract Format:
  • The abstract should be well-structured, with sections including background, objectives, methods, results,conclusions and keywords
  • The abstract should not exceed a certain word count limit (eg; 300 words)
  • The abstract should be written in English.
  • Use a clear and concise writing style (Times New Roman, font in 12 )

2. Title:

  • Provide a title that accurately reflects the content of your abstract (word count 12 -15)
  • Use a concise and informative title, avoiding abbreviations and acronyms if
  • Capitalize the first letter of each significant word in the title.

3. Authors and Affiliations:

  • Provide the full names of the authors and affiliations (department, institution, city, and country), with the presenting author’s name underlined and bold.
  • Provide the email address and contact details for the primary

4. Background:

  • Clearly state the background or context of the study
  • Highlight the research problem, knowledge gap, or motivation for the study
  • Provide a brief overview of relevant literature.

5. Objectives:

  • Clearly state the research objectives or questions addressed in the study.
  • Use specific and measurable terms to describe the objectives.

6. Methods:

  • Describe the study design, methods, and materials
  • Clearly explain the procedures undertaken to address the research
  • Include details such as sample strategy and size, data collection methods, and statistical analysis (if applicable).

7. Results:

  • Present the key findings of the study.
  • Use clear and concise language to describe the results.
  • The result of the study should contain the outcome of the study findings with relevant data and statistics.

8. Conclusions:

  • Summarize the main conclusions drawn from the study.
  • Clearly state how the results contribute to the field or address the research objectives.
  • Avoid excessive speculation or generalizations.

9. Keywords:

  • Include a list of 3-5 keywords relevant to your abstract using MeSH terminologies.
  • Choose terms that accurately represent the content and topic of your research.

10. ERC Review:

  • Provide ERC approval number and date.
  • Provide the name of the specific ethics review board or committee that reviewed and approved your study.
  • Provide ethical considerations addressed in your research project. This may include participant confidentiality, informed consent procedures, data protection, privacy safeguards, or any other relevant ethical aspects specific to your study.

11. Funding disclosure:

  • Provide funding source or sources that supported your study. Specify the name of the funding agency, organization, or grant that provided the financial support.
  • Provide the specific grant or award number associated with the funding source.

12. Disclosures:

  • Authors are responsible for reporting any real or perceived financial conflict of interest.
  • A brief disclosure and conflict of interest statement should be included in the submitted abstract.

Example for Poster1 Presentation

All the pre-workshops are on Oct 19th, 2023 from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and as the timings and date are the same, so each participant can only opt for 1 pre-workshop at a time.

Single Pay slip should be generated in case of pre-conference workshop + conference registration.



  • Click on the link
  • Click Sign up, fill information and create acount (already signed up users accounts do not need to re-create).
  • Click “Faculty of Nursing” from the list of options.
  • Click “International Nursing Research Conference 2023”.
  • Register for “Main Conference” and “Pre-Conference Workshop”. For details , Please see Conference Program at
  • Select Registration fee payment method.
  • Receive and save an automated email for update.
  • Attendees opted for online arrangemnet, will receive a code for entry after fee payment.


  • Go to Registrtaion Desk at the venue.
  • Fill the registration details.
  • Submit walk-in payments.
  • Receive and save payment voucher.
  • Conference giveaways will be available for attendees at the registration desk after Conference registration.
  • Conference Attendance Certificate will be issued on the last day of the conference after Conference registration confirmation.
  • Conference Attendence Fee : 1000/- , Pre-Conference Attendence Fee : Rs. 1000/-