Nurses’ role in the management of Coronavirus outbreak

Farhana Tabassum

Principal, Ziauddin University College of Nursing

Globally, nationally and regionally nurses and student nurses are playing a vital role in managing the coronavirus outbreak. If nurses and students are not safe then it means the community is not safe. But the shortage of health care providers and limited resources did not discouraged nurses and nursing students to back off from the frontline. The most important factor is keep own self safe while caring for a patient with life threatening illness. From a simple health teaching of hand washing to respiratory etiquettes to advanced skills of barrier nursing care nurses are breaking the chain of infection. Our number one priority even being concerned for ourselves is to keep the patients and community safe while preventing the virus from spreading. From first point of contact to the health education of the family it is ensured that hand hygiene practice is more promoted and actually implemented. The water intake to keep the throat wet with healthy diet to boost the energy and immunity as a safeguard is the bottom line of care by nursing force. The students made the posters; infection control nurses went to each hospital unit to conduct the one-to-one training of nursing staff and students. Prevention is better than the cure is actually practiced and witnessed during this fearful time. It is amazing to notice that limited resources and shortage of staff did not stop them to be proactive to prevent the spread. They proved that “If nurses aren’t safe, then really our community isn’t safe,”. Salute nurses and students to contain the virus where the oath of ethics makes them brave to combat the virus at every level.