Prototyping allows designers to test the practicability of the current design and potentially investigate how trial users think and feel about the product.

A session on Design Thinking in Research and Prototyping conducted by Mr. Adnan Jafri (ORIC, ZU) on Friday, April 08, 2022 in which all the faculty members of the Ziauddin University Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (ZUFONAM) participated.

The purpose of this session was to draw the attention of faculty members and students to innovation through new ideas. Through these ideas, they can create something new that will make it easier for them to learn. Improve their thinking ability and improve the quality of education.

Everyone on our team works together to enhance our strengths and thinking ability. Sir Adnan showed a video on innovation and creativity. He also shared his life experience of what he did in his student life for the betterment of his project. All that needed is how easily the problems that arise in daily life can be solved, with just one thought and that thought tells us the answers to solve the problem. All the faaculty members learned a lot from his experience and determined that they will do something new for Ziauddin Faculty of nursing and midwifery and for its students in the future which will help them to improve a lot.